Distribution optical cable

The distribution-cable consists of multiple dry-buffered low bend radius, no waterpeak G.657.A1 fibres, covered by aramid yarns (strength members), with a low smoke halogen-free outer jacket. The individual fibres are suitable for direct connector assembly. This cable is suitable for indoor installation in dry rooms, inside of telecommunication- and datasystems.

Other details

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Part number


Outer diameter approx.

Net weight (kg/km)

Min. bending radius after installation

Min. bending radius during installation

Tensile load short term (Tm)

Tensile load long term (Tl)


4x SM G.657.A1 (4×1)4.5194590500100


8x SM G.657.A1 (8×1)5.62855110700100


12x SM G.657.A1 (12×1)6.436651301000200
6981424x SM G.657.A1 (24×1)8.255851701000200


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