Optical cable CTC ADSS

The Central Tube Cable All Dielectric Self Supporting Cable (CTC ADSS) is an aerial central tube cable with low bend radius, no waterpeak G.657.A1 fibres and dry-waterblocking aramid yarns underneath the polyethylene outer sheath. This FttX-cable is intended for use as an aerial customer drop cable. This cable is designed for spans between approx. 30 and 150 mtrs, depending on installing and surroundings conditions, with the conditions from the NESC tables as a basis.

Other details

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Part number


Outer diameter approx.

Net weight (kg/km)

Min. bending radius after installation

Min. bending radius during installation

Tensile load short term (Tm)

Tensile load long term (Tl)


2x SM G.657.A16.6341001301350600


4x SM G.657.A16.6341001301350600


6x SM G.657.A16.6341001301350600


8x SM G.657.A16.6331001301350600


12x SM G.657.A17.1401001351350600


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