Optical cable Simplex

Optical cable Simplex consists of one dry-buffered, easy strip low bend radius, no waterpeak G.657.A1 fibre, tensile elements of aramid yarns and a loose low smoke halogen-free outer jacket. The simplex cable is suitable for direct connector assembly. This cable is suitable for indoor installation in dry rooms, inside of telecommunication- and datasystems.

Other details

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Part numberDescriptionOuter diameter approxNet weight (kg/km)Min. bending radius after installationMin. bending radius during installationTensile load short term (Tm)Tensile load long term (Tl)


1x SM G.657.A1 1.6 mm1.6520207020


1x SM G.657.A1 2.0 mm2.05202012030


1x SM G.657.A1 2.4 mm2.45202516060
692541x SM G.657.A1 2.8 mm2.85202520065


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