Optical cable STAC

STAC – Soft Tube Access Cable
This special indoor/outdoor drop cable with bend-insensitive fibre G.657.A2, protected by easy strippable soft tube, meets all requirements for FTTH access network:
a small diameter, low weight, high tensile force and easily strippable features.
The STAC is designed to connect the outside branch to customer’s termination box without splicing, resulting in reduced installation-time.
This cable consist of a double jacket design, with a 90° bend radius inner subunit (STIC) perfectly suitable for indoor application, a robust outer sheath for outdoor installation
and tensile strength members between both jackets. The outer sheath can be easily removed, when entering the building.
Due to its (semi-)dry construction, this cable is highly safe and can be used in any human habitation.

Other details

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Part number


Outer diameter approx.

Net weight (kg/km)

Min. bending radius after installation

Min. bending radius during installation

Tensile load short term (Tm)

Tensile load long term (Tl)


1x SM G.657.A25.1060120700200


2x SM G.657.A2 (2×1)6.0060120700200


4x SM G.657.A2 (4×1)6.0060120700200


4x SM G.657.A2 (1×4)5.1050120700200


6x SM G.657.A2 (1×6)6.03060120700200


12x SM G.657.A2 (2×6)6.03060120700200


12x SM G.657.A2 (1×12)6.03060120700200


24x SM G.657.A2 (4×6)6.33060120700200


24x SM G.657.A2 (2×12)6.03060120700200


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