Work with top experts in the development, support operation and troubleshooting of optical networks.

With our help every local community can set up a local optical network.
So, how to the optical network in your area?
All you have to do is to follow next three steps:
  1. We make together a status analysis and the plan for passive and active part of the optical network.
  2. Local community has to finance and arrange a passive part of the optical network. The supply of all necessary passive optical components (cunducts, cables, connectors, ODF…) provides Optisis. The local community provides the contractor to carry out all construction work related to passive optical infrastructure.
  3. Passive optical infrastructure can bring a regular monthly income to the local community if we added the active optical equipment. The active part of optical network equipment provides Optisis who performs the role of a network operator. Optisis/Network operator also establish the necessary relationships with service operators (Telecom, ISP operators, cable operators).

A regular monthly incomes of optical networks bring regular income to the local community to repay the investment in a passive optical infrastructure, to network operator, for his contribution in the active equipment and network management and to service provider for the services offered in the open optical network.

The construction of the optical infrastructure brings to the local community many advantages:
  1. Modern telecommunications infrastructure for all residents;
  2. Attractive business environment for all enterprises;
  3. Local environment becomes attractive for potential investors;
  4. Development of local communities;
  5. Enables a number of new services (e-education, e-health, elderly care …)
  6. Enables balanced regional development.

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