In the open access network model, the roles of the service provider and the network operator or owner are separated and competing service providers getting end-user access through a single network in a free market environment.

In the cases where the networks build local communities or cable operators Optisis has the professionalism and expertise to plan passive and active part of the optical network. Investors of the network usually arrange the passive part of the optical network (Optisis supply all necessary passive optical components and local community take care for all construction work).

Because the active part of the network require much more expertise and is the risk of the investors much higher Optisis prepare solution for OAN which is suitable for any technology, any services and for any business model.
Optisis as a network operator can take care of the exploitation of the active layer and assure that service providers can provide any type of service available at low try and switch costs for end-users. Optisis provides operation and maintenance of the broadband network. We arrange technical infrastructure and provide transport and distribution of services delivered by providers.