Higher bandwidth services and lower margins in an increasingly tougher competitive climate requires service providers to seek new solutions. Access switches in our portfolio provides a smart network solution with focus on the end-users experience, smart functions and ease of operations.

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Access switches

The MetroStar 4000 (MS4000) is a new generation of Gigabit Ethernet L2+ access switches for enterprise and FTTH networks. Built on a unique network processor and switching silicone solution, the MS4000 delivers a user experience that meets today’s challenge from the most demanding FTTH and enterprise networks.
The MS4000 is a Layer 2 access switch designed for network edge service control, network aggregation with high-performance switching and traffic classification and prioritization to deliver the ultimate user experience.

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CALIX GigaFamily

The Calix GigaCenters are next generation residential premises service delivery platforms that extend the access network into the  home  and  act  as  a  strategic  location  for  control  of  the  gigabit experience.  Supporting  broadband  connectivity  within  the  home  and managing  subscriber  voice,  data  and  video  services,  this  intelligent, high-performance  service  platform  integrates  a  2.5  GPON  optical interface  with  switching  and  routing  functions  that  manage  premises network  traffic  at  speeds  up  to  1  Gbps.

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E7-2 modular access system

The Calix E7-2 Modular Access System allows you to deploy the bandwidth you need now, with the flexibility to easily keep pace with accelerating change. Each E7-2 is a modular two-slot, 1RU chassis with a 100 Gbps non-blocking backplane that delivers any mix of VDSL2, NG-PON2, GPON, Active Ethernet / point-to-point gigabit Ethernet, 10GE, and GE services.

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E7-20 Multi-terabit access system

The Calix E7-20 combines industry leading GPON density with carrier class redundancy for residential and business services. It also delivers high density point-to-point GE / Active Ethernet services and 10G access network aggregation. The E7-20 delivers superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality.  This ensures service providers can focus on growing ARPU through differentiated, game changing services.

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