There are many possible technologies and component choices for building FTTH networks. To make the right decisions beside cost also need to be considered quality, bandwidth and reliability. At Optisis we are very well aware of this. So to provide the best solutions for our customer, we offer high-quality, reliable and efficient active equipment for building the next generation of communications networks.

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Services such as high-definition video streaming, cloud services, and anytime/anywhere mobile connectivity not only consume an enormous amount of network capacity, but also create a greater degree of complexity for network operations.

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Switches for Next-Generation IP Networks, which are used in our solutions deliver a complete, scalable, and high-performance network solution that supports today’s demanding video, Unified Communications (UC), VDI, and mobile applications. They provides simplified network deployment and management. Available is stackable switching solution to reducing costs and providing pervasive data security and integrity across corporate networks and cloud deployments.

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Optical transceivers

In our solutions we use optical transceivers from Skylane Optics which are a leading provider of transceivers for optical communication. We work closely with our customers to find the best solutions for every application and all major platforms. Transceivers are high quality and tested with cutting-edge test equipment together with climatic & thermal chambers to make the technical performance verification.