In our sales portfolio we offer CAM (Conditional Access Modules) provided with high security standard and AVM products for high-speed broadband connectivity and smart home networking.

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CAM (Conditional access modules)

CAM (Conditional access modules) is one of the most user-friendly consumer devices for accessing digital broadcast content in the market today. A subscriber can easily start watching scrambled TV content by inserting the CAM in the Common Interface (CI) slot on the back of the TV along with the smart card. There is no need for any additional remote control, Set-Top-Box or extra cabling. The CAM is very suitable for a 2nd or 3rd TV, as well as the main TV.
All of the different CAMs are seamlessly integrated and compatible with the various editions of Conax Contego. Conax Contego is a highly flexible and scalable content protection system for satellite, cable, terrestrial, IP and OTT networks.

Conax Contego smart cards

The traditional and proven method of securing broadcast pay-TV in STBs and TVs is Smart Cards.
Conax Contego Smart Cards are specialized tamper resistant cryptographic devices used to control access to the content on STBs and TVs. To complete the security ecosystem based on Smart Cards, and to ensure the highest level of security and widest device availability, Nagra work closely with both DVB chipset manufacturers and security certification laboratories.

FRITZ! products for home network

FRITZ! by AVM is a unique combination of intelligent hardware and software. The result is top-quality, high-performance products that are easy to use and make communication fun.
Higgh-speed connections, secure WLAN and convenient telephony make a home network out of any network. Whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone, any device can be connected to the FRITZ!Box. And best of all, installation is so simple that users will be online in a matter of minutes. If necessary, FRITZ!Powerline and FRITZ!WLAN Repeater can be used to increase the network’s range, while Wireless AC provides for an additional boost in speed. Smart Home offers the home network even more potential. With the FRITZ! products you can measure power consumption, switch automatically and more.