Passive equipment

The right passive equipment is crucial in the construction of modern fiber optic networks. For improved, flexible, cost-saving and easy to install solutions it is essential to select quality passive components. Our team with knowledge and experience help our customers with the right products to associate a point of departure ”signal’ to the end users and ensure that the user gets what the service provider promised.

TKF ACE – Catalogus Connectivity

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Micro and mini tubes

Micro and mini tubes for direct installation into the ground. Distinguish the following:
– micro tubes with a diameter of ≤ 5 mm, mostly bundled in multi tube cables;
– mini tubes with a diameter of ≤ 16 mm, these are bundles in multi tube cables or utilized as single conduit;
– ducts with a diameter of of > 16 mm.

Multi tube cables

Multi tube cables are an assembly of micro or mini tubes for direct installation into the ground. Multi tube cable portfolio covers a complete range of assemblies with a large variety of tube numbers and tube diameters.


We offered complete program of high quality tube connectors: connectors, end connectors, end caps, sealing element (gas & water block).

Small termination closure

The ACE small termination closure is constructed to support butt or in-line low count splice applications in a direct buried environment and pole/wall mounted applications nearby the subscriber.
The closures’ compact size and rugged exterior allow for installation in tight spaces without compromising functionality.

Micro optical distribution closure

The micro closure is specially designed for splicing fibres for loose tube mini cables in the Fttx networks. The highly versatile ACE MODC can be used underground or for aerial applications. Unique features which comply with the new market requirements:
– Compact dimensions (<2liters);
– Mechanical and waterproof protection (IP 68);
– Versatile and flexible usage (buried, aerial, facade installation) in outdoor environment.

ACE compact fibre optic closure

The Compact fibre optic closure range is developped for FTTH access networks, and are suitable for splicing a large range of mini and micro fibre optic cables. The compact closures can be used for underground or aerial applications.
– The flat rectangular shape guarantees installation in restricted environment such as small hand-hole or cabinet;
– High splice capacity, up to 288 fibres;
– Available in two versions 380mm & 450mm high;
– Very easy and quick installation.

ACE fibre optical closure

The ACE fibre closures are available in a wide range of configurations and offer high splice capacity. Closures are suitable for splicing of optical fibres in a underground or aerial environment. A wide range of configurations can be arranged by adding STHD modules and/or passive device sub-assemblies. Compliant with most splice protector and cables types.

Eaton fire optic enclosures

Eaton fibre optic enclosures (SEC15 – max. 96 fibers, SEC23 – max. 288 fibers, SEC23 SEII/T 36 – max. 864 fibers), also reffered to as sleeves, are used for permanent connecting and branching of fibres and fibre optic cables. The splice storage is located in a sealed plastic enclosure. The sleeves are suitable for direct underground laying and outdoor installation. In case of maintenance or repairs, the sleeves can be opened and closed again without any problem. The materials used resistant to environmental effects (non-corrosive and UV-resistant, low water vapour permeation, metal components either powder-coated, galvanized or made of high-grade steel) thus permitting permanent outdoor installation. The special design provides for quick and easy installation.

ACE termination box medium, large

ACE termination box medium or large splice is a robust box including splice trays. The box provides managed guidance and mechanical protection for cables, fibers, splices and splitters. The maximum splice capacity of the medium box is 48 and the large box 96. Cable entry is provided by cable glands. The number of glands can be extende and depends on the number and type of cables that needs to be terminated. The termination box is applied in indoor environments or inside street cabinets. Access to the box is secured by a lock.