We offer a wide range of pigtails, patch-cords and adapters to fulfill all connectivity demands. Besides the standard products is available also custom designed solutions. Deliveries are secure with full-chain-quality control from manufacturing via assembling up to final installation.

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Pigtails are used to terminate optical fibres in the patch panels. Pigtails are optical fibre cords mostly consisting of a bare fibre with a secondary coating and terminated at one side by an optical connector.
Pigtails are of different lengths and with different types of connector. You can choose between single mode or multimode optical fibre. When terminating an optical path, there is often a large pile of pigtails. In this case, thinner pigtails of different colours can be of great help, since they can be easier to handle.


Patch-cords have similar characteristics to pigtails. However, patch-cords have a connector on both sides.They are used to connect the patch panels with specific devices.


Adaptors are coupling and alignment component for 2 or more fibre optic connectors. The adaptors are classified by type, configuration, coupling mechanism and style. They are installed on the front plate of the patch panel. The adapters are used to patch optical fibre cable and to ensure the connection to specific devices.