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    We create and manage modern fibre-optic networks

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    Protect your subscribers’ home network and devices.

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Realised more than 40 FTTH projects
First FTTH projects in Europe
First open access network (OAN) in Adriatic region
More than 500.000 working connections
We do business with more than 300 telecommunications and cable operators, ISP providers, mobile operators, local communities and public companies.

Why Optisis fibre-optic network?

We are your partner with a team of experts who understand and respect your needs.

We create simple solutions
Complete knowledge of the FTTH network
Implementation of turnkey solution
We help lower costs
High-quality components
Take care of training
We Test and verify solutions in our own laboratory
Modular approach
We follow trends and introduce new technologies
Increase revenue and stay competitive with an affordable, flexible and proven GO Live OTT solution

Increase revenue and stay competitive with an affordable, flexible and proven GO Live OTT solution

There is an increasing demand from consumers for a comprehensive mobile entertainment experience. This trend leaves many service providers without the right technologies and resources to stay...
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Our products

In order to provide you with the best solutions, we offer high-quality, reliable and efficient equipment for building the next generation of communications networks.


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Genexis Pulse – Extenders & repeaters

Genexis Pulse – Extenders & repeaters

We all want a fast and a high quality internet experience, every room in the home needs to have a full and stable connection. More and more devices are connected and placed in every corner of the...
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Genexis Pure - Home gateway

Genexis Pure - Home gateway

We all want a fast and reliable connection. The number of connected devices in our homes is increasing. The Pure residential gateway is ready to provide a reliable and stable WiFi connection to...
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Genexis FiberTwist - Network Termination

Genexis FiberTwist - Network Termination

FiberTwist is a unique FTTH connectivity solution that redefines size, ease-of-installation and flexibility for the distribution of fiber bandwidth through the home. With FiberTwist, you only need...
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