With our team of experts, which regularly attend professional trainings, monitor trends and upgrade their knowledge, we guarantee a top quality support operation and troubleshooting of optical networks.

Technical support services

Every network is unique and requires technical support. With highly skilled engineers and expertise, we provide high-quality technical support, help in complex environments, maximise the value of networks and ensure that network infrastructure is running smoothly.

  • Resolve network problems in the shortest possible time
  • Appropriate support for hardware and software
  • High responsiveness in critical events
  • Service is provided either remotely or at the client’s location

Optisis training

Optisis izobraževanje

Under the guidance of our highly educated and experienced engineers, you will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge related to today's challenges of FTTH networks and OTT services. We adapt training to your specific needs, wishes and previous knowledge.

  • Modern FTTH network - we offer you access to the latest knowledge in the field of FTTH technologies. We cover both the passive and active part of the technologies. Technicians and engineers gain the knowledge to successfully manage FTTH network.
  • OTT service – training on the topic of content transfer in the world of telecommunications. You will learn the basics of Over-The-Top (OTT) and the flow of video content over the Internet.

Consulting and planning

Carefully planning a network leads to a cost-efficient and flexible network. Well-planned is the key to minimise the investment and improve the average profit per connected user.

We know the whole field, both the passive and the active part of the optical network. We take care of analysis, planning, implementation and support. We examine both technical and business aspects together with you. We adopt a solution that is in line with development trends to your requirements and expectations.

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