TV encryption system

With implementation of the pay-TV content protection system in your network, we also take care of user devices and solutions that allow your subscribers to access digital content.

CAM (Conditional Access Module)

A subscriber can easily start watching scrambled TV content by inserting the CAM in the Common Interface (CI) slot on the back of the TV along with the smart card. The CAM is very suitable for a 2nd or 3rd TV, as well as the main TV. A CAM module can also be either Integrated (smartcard fixed include CAM) or *Cardless (virtual smartcard).

All of the different CAMs are seamlessly integrated and compatible with Contego.

*Cardless CAM modules require a Cardless CAS headend.

CAM moduli

Clients for the protection of TV content

Smart cards

The traditional and proven method of securing broadcast pay-TV in STBs and TVs is smart cards. 

Smart cards are specialised tamper resistant cryptographic devices used to control access to the content on STBs and TVs. 

To complete the security ecosystem based on Smart Cards, and to ensure the highest level of security and widest device availability, NAGRA works closely with both DVB chipset manufacturers and security certification laboratories.

Cardless klienti

Cardless clients

Cardless clients also known as ‘virtual smart cards’ help service providers significantly reduce costs. They affect the cheaper delivery of shipment, relieve customer support call centres and simplify activation installations. 

Contego content protection system allows in the ISP network simultaneous use of cardless clients and smart cards.

Premium cardless clients are also compatible with Holywood MovieLabs specification for 4K Ultra HD content. Cardless clients are used in SmarDTV Cardless CAM modules, but they can also be integrated into certified hybrid set-top-boxes.

NAGRA Protect client

NAGRA Protect is a cardless-without-compromise security client. Providing an unprecedented level of security for a software-based solution, leveraging either NAGRA NOCS (NAGRA on-chip security) or chipset TEEs, NAGRA Protect adheres to MovieLabs requirements for Enhanced Content Protection for distributing 4K/HDR or early-release content. With the largest certified SOC and set-top box partner network, NAGRA allows for the most suitable solution and pricing for every operator.


NAGRA Connect client

Connect uses NAGRA's own DRM technology, NAGRA PRM, as the foundation to enable all market required CAS and DRM originated use cases. The Connect client is designed to fully embrace the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) and REE (Rich Execution Environment) paradigm shift. Due to high security requirements of 4K Ultra HD content, content owners and studios are now pushing CAS/DRM clients to leverage TEE of devices and activate a secure media path (SMP). The fact that CAS/DRM goes into TEE, also provides more flexibility and openness to the MW/applications on the device which is key to enable richer user experiences.

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