Network management system

For a successful management of the fibre network, it is necessary to optimise the operation of the network. With the right network management system, you will increase your operational efficiency and achieve profitable subscriber growth.

Optisis network management system

The market is full of large network management systems which are not really suitable for smaller ISP providers. Based on market research and our excellent knowledge of the operation of the fibre network, we have developed a solution that is the result of our own development and knowledge. This system has all the functionalities of a modern management system. We adapt it to your requirements.

  • Customer service provision
  • Technical support and monitoring
  • Insight into network status and equipment
  • Automation of many processes, e.g. activation of services
  • Easy management of administrative tasks (management of contracts and services)
  • Clear interface for the technical support team
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Support various types and technologies of access networks (FTTH, GPON, Docsis, OAN, VoIP, IPTV)
  • Easy to use
  • Modular
  • Easy integration into existing IT network
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