OTT solution

Complete, cost-effective OTT solution for Android TV-based devices and for iOS, Android devices.

Optisis End-To-End (E2E) OTT solution

Optisis End-To-End (E2E) OTT solution provides easy access to content anywhere, anytime and on any device. It is suitable for a smaller ISP provider or several smaller ISP providers and for any network technology.

  • Flexible, complete End-To-End solution
  • Easy and customisable OTT application with graphical user interface 
  • Key user functionalities: Catch-up TV (CuTV), Video on demand (VOD), pause live-TV, trick play
  • Contains a system for managing subscribers and content (text message and CMS)
  • Lower initial investment and gradual growth of the system (pay-as-you-grow)
  • TV content can be protected with a complete E2E DRM system

Optisis HbbTV OTT rešitev

Optisis HbbTV OTT solution is suitable for cable operators. Provides additional services to subscribers.

  • Completely flexible solution that enables the coexistence of CATV and IP applications
  • HbbTV standard has been supported on most TVs since 2014
  • Standard user functions: news, weather, EPG, various information
  • Additional user functions: Catch-up TV (CuTV), Video on demand (VoD))
  • Alternative content protection or DRM system (DRM requires that the TV supports the appropriate DRM technology)
  • Contains a system for managing subscribers and content (text message and CMS)

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