Fibre-optic network management

In the open access network (OAN) model, the roles of the service provider and network operator or owner are separate. 

Competing service providers get end-user access through a single network in a free market environment. End users can choose their services (TV, Internet, Video-on-Demand, telephony, cloud services, e-health…) from their favourite service provider. This makes it possible to break the monopoly of networks by ensuring competition at the service level.

Optisis, your network operator

Our team has the expertise and knowledge to plan the passive and active part of the optical network. We prepare solutions for the open access network - OAN, which is suitable for all technologies, any services and for any business model.

With our help, every local community can set up a local optical network. Together we take care of the proper implementation of the passive part of the optical network such as tubes, optical cables, closures, street cabinets ... We can take care of the supply of all necessary passive optical components. A fibre-optic network provides the local community with a regular monthly income.

Leave the care of the network to experts

Brez skrbi

We can provide the active part of the optical network equipment and perform the role of a network operator. We also establish all necessary relationships with service providers (ISPs). The active part of the network requires much more knowledge, the risk to investors is much higher. 

We can make an investment in active equipment, the necessary software for network management, sales and marketing; we take care of the smooth operation of the network and the quick and professional troubleshooting.

Regular monthly income

Operation of the fibre-optic network brings in a regular monthly income:

  • Local communities for return of investments in passive fibre-optic infrastructure
  • Network operator for his investments into active equipment and network management
  • Service providers for offered services in the open access fibre-optic network
Mesečni prihodek

Advantages of the open access network for the local community

Prednosti OAN

The construction of a fibre-optic infrastructure brings the local community many advantages:

  • Modern telecommunications infrastructure for all residents;
  • Attractive business environment for all enterprises;
  • Local environment becomes attractive for potential investors;
  • Development of local communities;
  • Enables a number of new services (e-education, e-health, elderly care …) and is a platform for all services in the future
  • Enables balanced regional development.

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