Complete solutions for fibre-optic networks

Fibre-optic networks make it possible to achieve increasingly higher speeds. They are getting smarter and smarter. Our world is more and more connected. Multimedia content, Ultra HD TV, Video on Demand, streaming and live video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT) and the use of increasingly demanding applications require ever-faster internet and a reliable connection.

Optisis fibre-optic networks

A fibre-optic network is a platform for the future. Such a network needs to be designed for the next decade and beyond. Quality components are needed that provide speeds of 1 Gb/s up to 10 Gb/s to each user and allow easy upgrades.

Our many years of experience and high professionalism ensure a cost-effective and reliable network.

Reduce your investment and operating costs

An investment in a fibre-optic network is an investment in the infrastructure for communications services and technologies of the future. We prepare simple solutions, which will reduce your investment costs and network operating costs.

Why Optisis fibre-optic network?

We create simple solutions
Complete knowledge of the FTTH network
Implementation of turnkey solution
We help lower costs
High-quality components
Take care of training
We test and verify solutions in our own laboratory
Modular approach
We follow trends and introduce new technologies

Turnkey solution or individual components

Many years of experience bring us an understanding and knowledge of the entire FTTH field. We create a customised FTTH network solution from planning the project, to implementation and support. We provide a turnkey solution or you can decide for individual components from the world's leading manufacturers. If you do not want to worry about the fibre-optic network, let us to manage your network.


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Fibre-optic network for smaller places

Living in smaller local communities has many advantages compared to living in larger cities. Add a great fibre-optic network to a clean environment, more connected people, less traffic and your community will become a modern and future-oriented living space, attractive to companies, young people, families and everyone else.

With our help, every local community can set up a local fibre-optic network and use it to earn a regular monthly income.

More about Fibre-optic network for smaller places

All technologies in one place

There are several different technologies and components available for building FTTx networks. When making the right decisions, it is important to consider quality, bandwidth and reliability in addition to the costs that are crucial.

We follow trends and introduce new technologies, so you can choose from a variety of solutions. Our experts will help you choose the one best suited to your case.

Point-to-Point or PON? We offer both

We offer solutions for building an FTTx network with P2P (Point-to-Point) or PON (Passive Optical Networks) technology. The choice of technology is usually focused on CAPEX and OPEX and how the best return on investment can be achieved.

The decision between P2P or PON – GPON, NG-PON2 largely depends on the passive infrastructure. It is clear that in today's market both solutions are acceptable. FTTx is a long-term investment, so it is important to consider how network design can influence network development in the future.

Our team of experts understands the technologies and standards used. We understand the specific requirements and find a more appropriate solution.

Vse tehnologije na enem mestu
Celovite rešitve

Complete solution

Fibre-optic cable, the nervous system of your network

High-quality cables from TKF, manufacturers from the Netherlands, will ensure long-term trouble-free operation of your network. Passive optical infrastructure has to last for decades and it is not worth making compromises here.

  • Excellent quality control
  • Own fibre production
  • Flexibility in construction
  • European production
  • Short delivery times

We offer outdoor, indoor, universal, aerial, mini and micro cables.

More about fibre-optic cables

Optični kabli
POP rešitve

POP solutions, the heart of the fibre-optic network

POP (Point of Presence) is the heart of the fibre optical network. It brings together links that flow from users. Our concept of POP solutions is very flexible and includes passive and active equipment. You will be able to fully manage the optical fibres with it. Connections and disconnections can be done quickly, smoothly and logically.

  • Dedicated FTTx communication racks
  • Efficient fibre management system
  • Maximum flexibility
  • SCS (Super Cassette Shelf) aluminium patch panels with 96 patch positions in one unit
  • Quality and efficient PON active equipment
  • Dedicated P2P switches that significantly simplify your P2P network
  • More about POP equipment

From POP to end user

Fibre-optic connections between the POP point and the end user have a decisive influence on the cost of building an optical access network. With our solutions, costs are under control. 

  • Large selection of tubes from a renowned German manufacturer 
  • Modular tube systems of all colours and variants 
  • Transparent connectors and end caps with safety rings 
  • Quality gas sealing elements 
  • A wide selection of closures from various manufacturers 
  • Mechanical sealing elements 
  • Fully equipped passive and active street cabinets 

More about passive equipment
for FTTx networks

Od POP-a do uporabnika
Povezovanje končnih uporabnikov

State-of-the-art end-user connectivity solutions

Connecting end users to the fibre-optic network is the most difficult part of building a network. Each user has their own expectations regarding the equipment that will be installed in their home. The facilities are very different from each other, the work is further complicated by legislation. In order to prepare a suitable solution for you, we have a wide range of equipment at our disposal.

  • Large range of internal cables
  • Customise pre-connected cable with a large selection of optical telecommunication sockets (OTO)
  • Quick installation systems without connection
  • Many models of termination boxes and optical telecommunication sockets
  • Quality patch cables of various lengths

Impress end users

The active equipment for end users is the most visible part of your fibre-optic network. Users want nice active equipment that will work flawlessly and allow them to control and easily set up their devices. Your users will be thrilled. 

Our state-of-the-art broadband customer premises equipment (CPE, ONT) for PON and P2P networks. 

  • Attractive, compact and high-quality design 
  • Easy installation 
  • Reliable and stable Wi-Fi connection with all your wireless devices 
  • CPE can become a central smart home control system 
  • Voice control option 
  • Simplified user interfaces (GUI, applications) 
  • Maximum flexibility 

More about end-user
active equipment

Navdušite končne uporabnike
Sistem za upravljanje omrežja naslednje generacije

Next generation network management system

Effective network management requires an effective network management system. The customer and device management system is a solution of our own development and we can easily adapt it to your wishes and needs. It has all the functionalities of a modern management system. 

  • Easy management of administrative tasks (management of contracts and services) 
  • Clear interface for the technical support team 
  • Real-time equipment monitoring 
  • Support various types and technologies of access networks (FTTH, GPON, Docsis, OAN, VoIP, IPTV) 
  • End-to-End management services 
  • Easy to use 
  • Modular 
  • Integrated solution 
  • Easy integration into the existing IT network 

Excellent technical support

Every network is unique and requires technical support to meet customers’ requirements. Today’s network infrastructures require higher levels of performance, availability, and scalability. With its expertise, Optisis provides high-quality technical support, help in the complex environment to maximise the value of networks and ensure that network infrastructure is running smoothly.

Our highly skilled engineers resolve network problems as quickly as possible and offer software and hardware support.

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Optisis podpora

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