Genexis Pulse – Extenders & repeaters

We all want a fast and a high quality internet experience, every room in the home needs to have a full and stable connection. More and more devices are connected and placed in every corner of the home.
With the Pulse series, this experience can be delivered as it can both extend the WiFi through an Ethernet cable and repeat the Wi-Fi through a wireless connection. Either way, the end-user is completely connected.

Small form factor & multiple installation options

However, the placement of the repeater or extender is very important when fully connecting a home. This means that the design and installation options are key.

The Pulse is designed with this in mind. Its small form factor, wall or desktop option, and stylish design allows the Pulse to be placed anywhere without ruining the decoration, ensuring perfect WiFi.


Modular 3-in-1 software

A unique feature of the Pulse is that it has an integrated 3-in-1 software. Meaning the Pulse is not only a repeater or extender, the Pulse can also function as a full function router for smaller homes.

As operator there is no longer the need for three different products for your customers, the Pulse covers all WiFi possibilities, as they can also be connected with each other.

Zero Touch Pairing

The Zero Touch Paring has been designed, to simplify installation, configuration and security with the Genexis Pulse for the end-user.

When connecting the Pulse with the Pure, they both will automatically configure with the router WiFi credentials. When updated or changed, these will automatically be configured with the Pulse. All resulting in a better WiFi experience for your customer.

Runs on GenXOS software

GenXOS is our own enterprise software using the best parts from OpenWRT. As a service provider you benefit greatly as it uses the best parts of OpenWRT and also able to add modules based on OpenWRT independently at the same time.

With GenXOS the Pulse can be connected to CloudSight, making life of the service provider easier while supporting WiFi analytics and self-help via a mobile app as well.

Genexis Pulse EX400

  • Small size, flexible placement options
  • MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) and WiFi 802.11ac Wave 2
  • 4x4 radio technology: extended coverage and increased performance
  • WMM for advanced Quality of Service
  • Easy set-up/installation
  • Seamless interoperability with large variety of residential gateways
  • Wall mount compatible
  • CloudSight compatible

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