Telemetry – better insight into network performance

Waystream introduce telemetry data collection in their access switches. Telemetry enables operators to get a better insight into their networks performance and ability to deliver services.

The telemetry function means that switches actively collects measurements values and send them to a database at short intervals. More than 1.300 different datapoints are supported. The data provides an insight into the network performance and helps operators identify and resolve problems that might affect the service quality in the network.

The improved diagnostics capability that the telemetry function enable means that operators can work proactively with problems in the network before they affect customers. It also helps with forensic analysis of the problem to get a better understanding of what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

The telemetry function is designed so that it can be used directly in leading database solutions. This allows for a quick start and benefits from telemetry data using popular and well-known tools for for visualization and analysis such as InfluxDB and Grafana. It also enables the use of advanced methods such as artificial intelligence (AI / ML) to identify trends that affect the service quality in the network.

Traditional, passive network monitoring of monitoring links and equipment is no longer sufficient to determine that the network is working. There is a need for a deeper insight into how the network behaves. The telemetry function in Waystream access switches enables this in a part of the network where it has previously been missing.

The telemetry feature is part of Waystreams iBOS software for access-switches.


Why use telemetry in your network:

- Proactive detection of anomalies allows problems to be resolved before they affect customers;

- Troubleshooting becomes faster by enable visualization of datasets with changes and by detecting abnormal values;

- After analyzing the problems to implement preventive measures stopping the problem from happening again.


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