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FiberTwist is a unique FTTH connectivity solution that redefines size, ease-of-installation and flexibility for the distribution of fiber bandwidth through the home. With FiberTwist, you only need one product to cover each and every deployment scenario in your network (GPON, Point-to-Point, and the next generation XGS-PON and 10G Point-to-Point).

Smart, easy, and fast installation

The compact form factor of the FiberTwist FTU has been specifically designed for fast, efficient and easy installation in any location. Its smooth and elegant design allows it to be place everywhere in home.

This unique design and size of the FiberTwist makes it even possible to double the amount of installations a day, providing you with a real competitive advantage in the growing FTTH market.

One-Twist DIY installation

A true Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation has been claimed many times before in the industry. This is of course not without a reason: decreasing operational expenses by saving on a costly installer is of great interest to network operators.

FiberTwist introduces an installation mechanism never seen before in FTTH products. With one clever twist, any end-user can install an active module on the FTU. No hassle, no hiccups and a 100% accurate installation, just with a single twist.

Maximum flexibility

No matter whether you are looking for a GPON, XGS-PON, Point-to-Point or optical patch through product, the FiberTwist covers it all. Thinking about a mixed network or switching from one to another? Or deploying simultaneously in greenfields and brownfields? The FiberTwist is the perfect solution for all these scenarios, thanks to its maximum flexibility.

Apart from supporting these technologies, the FiberTwist also includes options like CATV and FXS. It also provides support for single and dual fiber networks, single- and multi-dwelling scenarios, and routing functionalities. With FiberTwist, you only need one single product to cover each and every deployment scenario in your network.

Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The FiberTwist is designed together with installers and operators, while keeping the end-user in mind. Thanks to its clever design, ease of installation and flexibility, this results in the lowest total costs over the whole chain, not just in the homes. Less home visits means less truck rolls, while you are still able to provide premium services to your customers.

Genexis FiberTwist is  available in the following series:

FiberTwist P2000-Series Point-to Point (PtP)

  • Patented FiberTwist click-on interface on the FTU or Bracket, enabling trouble-free, DIY end-user installation
  • Flexible management via TR-069, CLI, DHCP/TFTP and SNMP
  • Optional integrated CATV receiver
  • Up to 4 Gigabit LAN ports to connect external devices, such as a
  • Residential Gateway and various Layer 2 services
  • LED dimming
  • Wall junction box compatible

FiberTwist G2000-Series (GPON)

  • Patented FiberTwist twist-on interface on FTU or Bracket, enabling 100% fool-proof, DIY, end-user installation
  • Optional integrated CATV receiver
  • Up to 4x gigabit LAN port(s) to connect external devices, such as a Residential Gateway
  • Interoperable with the major OLT brands in triple-play configurations

FiberTwist FTU (Fiber Termination Unit)

  • Compact Fiber Termination Unit (FTU) compatible with all FiberTwist active units
  • Suitable for patch cables and micro pipes of up to and including 10 mm
  • Choice of three fiber ingress locations (top, bottom, back)
  • Patch port for an additional patch in or patch out connector
  • Wall junction box and supplied with a drilling template, warranty seal, mounting screws, cable ties, cable foam padding and splice holder
  • Provision for a gas blocker
  • Fiber management and strain relief
  • Optional Blind Cover available to protect the installation until the active unit (NT) is installed

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