COMPARING PON and P2P - "true story"

Since the inception of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks, numerous technologies have emerged to enhance service delivery to end-users. The evolution of these technologies has been driven by the demands of the services themselves and the providers—operators. The need for increased bandwidth and content delivery has spurred the development of both PON (Passive Optical Network) and P2P (Point to Point) transmission technologies.

For over 20 years, Optisis has been at the forefront of FTTH network integration. We have extensive experience in the construction, implementation, commissioning, and maintenance of these networks. Our diverse clientele includes national and municipal operators, utility operators, and more. We understand that each client has unique requirements and goals, and we tailor our solutions accordingly.

In the upcoming article, our engineer Marko Herzog presented a detailed and unbiased comparison of FTTH technologies. He addressed various aspects such as costs (CAPEX and OPEX), bandwidth, power consumption, environmental impact, upgrades, interoperability, installation, service impact, technology integration, redundancy, and reliability.

Join us as we dispel myths and provide clear, factual insights. Whether you are an industry professional or simply interested in the technology behind FTTH networks, Marko's expert analysis will offer valuable information to guide your understanding and decisions.

Read the full expert opinion and get the facts straight


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