Active equipment for FTTx networks

Building a modern fibre network requires the right choice of active equipment. 

Our team of experts helps you to provide the best solution to make your network reliable and easy to operate. The performance and reliability of active equipment are tested in our own state-of-the-art laboratory.

FTTH access switches, aggregation switches and routers
FTTH access switches, aggregation switches and routers
FTTH access switches, aggregation switches and routers
FTTH access switches, aggregation switches and routers

FTTH access switches, aggregation switches and routers

Last generation access switches allow you to build a reliable and easy to operate FTTH network that delivers excellent data, voice and video services to your customers. Switches designed for FTTH networks have many smart features to make network operation easier and enable more automation which lets you reduce operational cost and save time.

In addition to access network solutions, we also offer aggregation switches to deliver a simple secure and scalable high-performance network solution supporting today’s most demanding network needs.

  • Waystream MS7000 - FTTH Layer 2 access switch
  • Waystream ASR8000 - 10Gbit/s Layer 3 access switch for FTTH 
  • Calix AXOS – Intelligent access system for PtP and GPON technology
  • Commscope Ruckus ICX Ethernet switches for aggregation and access
Optical transceivers
Optical transceivers
Optical transceivers

Optical transceivers

To connect your network equipment at high speed we advise you to select the right optical transceivers. Optical transceivers that meet your requirements are high quality and tested with cutting-edge test equipment together with climatic & thermal chambers to make the technical performance verification.

  • Skylane Optic SFP/SFP+ transceivers
  • Waystream SFP/SFP+ transceivers
CPE – Customer premises equipment
CPE – Customer premises equipment
CPE – Customer premises equipment
CPE – Customer premises equipment

CPE – Customer premises equipment

We all want a fast and reliable connection. The number of connected devices in our homes is increasing and applications are becoming more and more demanding. A strong Wi-Fi signal delivers lightning-fast speeds and the best experience in any room.

Regardless of the access technology, we have PtP and GPON solutions available. CPEs are compact and well-designed, suited to any home location. Easy to install, for both the service provider and the end user, reducing installation time and cutting costs.

  • Genexis FiberTwist – PtP, GPON, XGS-PON Network termination
  • Genexis Pure - High-speed gateway with 4 managed Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Calix GigaCenters – Home Gateway, GPON, Layer 2 and Layer 3 for High Speed Internet data and IPTV services
  • Calix GigaSpire – Home Gateway, Layer 2 and Layer 3 for High Speed Internet data and IPTV services
  • Designed for fibre broadband networks

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Waystream´s Access  switches are Climate Neutral

Waystream´s Access switches are Climate Neutral

Data has a carbon footprint. The growth of data traffic generated by digital services also results in the growth of energy consumption. Meanwhile, the whole world is working to fight climate change, so it is also necessary to curb emissions and achieve carbon neutrality in the field of telecommunications. The increase in carbon emissions caused by the explosive growth of data traffic will thus become an increasing problem. Operators will need to focus on energy efficiency. Choosing the right equipment is thus crucial in preserving the environment.

Waystream is also aware of the impact on the environment. The industry is characterized by high consumption of electricity, so it is important that their products take environmental aspects and electricity consumption into account.

Climate neutral Switches - How does it work?

Calculation of carbon dioxide emissions

Together with ClimatePartner, Waystream registered the carbon dioxide emissions of all switches and created a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). Emissions from raw materials, logistics, packaging, and waste management were calculated using the standard Cradle-to-Gate plus End-of-life method.

They avoid carbon dioxide emissions and reduce them as much as possible, even in their daily work. Waystream products are classified as electronics and, as such, are automatically included in the EU recycling system and have WEEE labels. This means that the recycling cost of each Waystream product has already been paid for when it leaves the warehouse.

They design key products in a way that they can be upgraded over time and consequently used for many years, even longer than usual in the IT industry. This contributes to an overall reduction in the resource burden on our planet. They also reduced the packaging size. This not only reduces the amount of waste, but also the impact of production and transport on the environment. Almost 80 percent of their production is done in Sweden, which greatly reduces the need for air transportation from the factory to the warehouse.

"Climate neutral" labels

Their products will be labeled "climate neutral" by a certified third-party. This makes the climate commitment visible to customers. The label is equipped with a unique tracking ID number that provides additional information and transparency regarding climate neutrality and the supported climate protection project.

"Sustainability has become one of the biggest and most important societal issues of our time, and we, both as individuals and companies, have a significant impact on future generations. That's why we, at Waystream, take pride and pleasure in being at the forefront of our industry when it comes to climate-compensating our production as part of our long-term goal of becoming completely climate-neutral. Our industry is growing rapidly due to high demand in society. Rapid technological development is taking place, so it is of the utmost importance that we consider environmental aspects and electricity consumption in our products," says Fredrik Lundberg CEO of Waystream.



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